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Hello There music lovers!

Today on Your Tuesday Afternoon Alternative with Dr. J we feature new music from The Darling Suns, Lavender Honey, Cricketbows, illuminati hotties, Pat Byrne, Izzy True (see our video of the day!), Oh Condor, The Revelries, Jayne Sachs, The Connells, Hiss Golden Messenger, Phil Yates & The Affiliates, Cold War Kids, Thrasher Cadillac, Paul Westerberg, True Lies, On The Runway and many more! And if that was not enough musical goodness, the show will kick off with new music from Dayton, Ohio’s own Neo American Pioneers. They have a new record ‘Into the Deep‘ coming out in July from the fine folks at Magnaphone Records!

Join Dr. J from 3-6pm on WUDR Flyer Radio! And if you cannot listen to the live show, check out our Mixcloud page! Remember that you can always reach out to us on twitter at drjytaa with your requests and suggestions!

As always: Support Your Local Music Scene!

YTAA YouTube Channel

Your Tuesday Afternoon Alternative has a YouTube Channel where you can watch past shows, interviews and live performances on #YTAA! Dr. J also adds videos about doing YTAA, his record collection and music! If there is something you wish to see, let us know!

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This Tuesday: Kevin Serey



This week musician and songwriter Kevin Serey joins Dr. J in the studio to discuss his music and play a few acoustic songs for us. Kevin has an amazing and distinctive voice and his upcoming release promises to be a terrific country album!

Spend some time with Kevin and Dr. J this week from 3-6pm on Your Tuesday Afternoon Alternative on WUDR Radio!

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Age Nowhere with a Special Uncle Tupelo Cover!

Age Nowhere surprised Dr. J with a cover of ‘New Madrid’ from Uncle Tupelo’s last record Anodyne. The Jeff Tweedy penned song references The New Madrid fault which is south of St. Louis where Uncle Tupelo members Jeff Tweedy, Jay Farrar and Mike Heidorn grew up. The band hailed from Belleville Illinois which is across the river from St. Louis. The New Madrid fault is the location of one of the most powerful earthquakes in the United States. The line about rivers running backwards is taken from a result of the massive earthquake in 1812. Another line in the song was based on a prediction made by Browning that predicted a massive earthquake would strike the fault and surrounding area in 1990.

Allow us to set a scene. Imagine stepping in for a drink at a bar where Sticky Fingers era Keith Richards is hanging out with his Nudie Cohen Suit wearing pal Graham Parsons and a world weary Chris Robinson of the Black Crowes. They are all sitting in a booth commenting on the passing musical fancies of the day. That is the experience of Age Nowhere! Imagine a true double guitar attack from Identical-twin brothers Matt and Dan Spaugy paired with smoky evocative lyrics sung by Paul Monin propelled by driving drums from Seth Gilliam and pounding bass of Matt Terry. That is the experience of Age Nowhere.The band takes it’s nom de plume from one of the standout tracks on Dayton’s own Shrug‘s 2005 record ‘Whole Hog For The Macho Jesus.’

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Lynne and Jeremy of The Typical Johnsons

On Tuesday we had a rare treat with Jeremy and Lynne Siegrist of The Typical Johnsons in the studio. Their records The Sailor and The Siren and Rustbelt Renaissance are some favorites of ours at YTAA! Many thanks to Lynne and Jeremy for coming in to the show! It was a blast!



Many thanks to Andy Ingram and Brenna Myers for Joining us for 2017’s Annual Indie Holiday Show!  We had a great time with such fun guests! Not pictured here is our pal Ike B. who joined us in the third hour of the program!


Goodnight Goodnight

Goodnight Goodnight shot

Today on Your Tuesday Afternoon Alternative we are joined by the terrific band, Goodnight Goodnight!  We saw them during Holidayton and were simply blown away by how good they were during their set!  You need to check into this band!  One way you can do that is by listening to the show today (remember 3-6pm on WUDR)!

We will talk about their EP Don’t Fade Out which came out this past November and is a great collection of songs about secrets, being overwhelmed, and the meaning that we find in everyday life as it is lived by real people. You should go see them January 16th at the Canal Public House in Dayton, Ohio and in Eaton, Ohio on February 29th at Taffy’s for a free All-Ages show!  See you there! cover170x170

They are on twitter!  Look at the pictures on Instagram!   Listen to some of their music on Soundcloud!  Better yet get some of their their music on iTunes,CDBaby, or Google Play!

Goodnight Goodnight




Welcome 2016 – A Year of Music Discovery!


Another year has passed and a new year is still young.  All too often there are commentators who pontificate about “how no new great music is being made today.”  Normally, these “authorities” bemoan the lack of musical experimentation and excitement.  They either point to the state of the Top 40 and the debacle(s) that was/were the New Years Eve shows on the broadcast networks or they extol the virtues of past “classics” that the music on the charts cannot possibly ever come close to appreciating.

These music critics and commentators complain about how utterly underwhelmed they are by the music on the radio, music on the satellite channels, and the music that is widely available via nearly endless repetition  to the point of illness.  And, of course, these critics are entitled to their opinions.  But we believe to focus on some nostalgia overlooks the opportunities for invention and discovery.  To that perspective we answer that quite simply you are looking in the wrong place for exciting new music.  And yes, the music industry is over-focused on the idea of big selling “hits.”  An excellent analysis of this “machine” can be found in Seabrook’s excellent book The Song Machine.

Every year for the past 12 years we have found amazing music from the margins, the outskirts, the unsigned, the overlooked, the local, the regional, the self-distributed, the incredible music being made in cities outside the orbit of the record labels and opinion makers with thousands of followers on any name your poison social network. We invite you to join us this year for a year in music discovery — and not just on Tuesdays when we create Your Tuesday Afternoon Alternative — but throughout the week and throughout the year!  It is surprisingly simple, just go to your local music stores and browse the local, regional, self-produced section of your record stores and music outlets.  Skip past the major label stuff — do not worry, you will be exposed to that over and over regardless of your enthusiasm for that music.  However, there is new music, interesting music, exciting music being made in every genre in locations near and far.

In addition, to seeking out new sounds and new bands in the record stores, you can also take chances on local bands wherever you might call home. There are literally thousands of interesting bands playing any night of the week in any place.  Go out.  Listen to some new stuff.  Buy some merchandise.  As we used to say every T-Shirt sold represents gas in the tank or a hot meal.  Support folks who wear their musicianship in the lines of every song that they write, every note that they play, and every idea that they share.  Go out and support those musicians.

And when you find something that interests and excites you, reach out to us at Your Tuesday Afternoon Alternative and let us know!  You can reach us here or at drjwudr on twitter and gmail.  We welcome new suggestions, interesting performances, and new discoveries for both our radio program and for the sheer joy of listening to new music.

The future music is out there.  And its great.

ALT Monster


Go See Local Bands and Local Art! A Dayton Show Extravaganza Weekend!

10462882_771795486225757_7458810705605439738_nWho needs help with their plans this week and weekend? We got a few suggestions for you on the show this Tuesday on Your Tuesday Afternoon Alternative! In addition to all of the great music and indie music news that you have come to expect, we are living our show motto – ‘Support Your Local Music Scene.’

Join us for our radio show on because Mrs Dr. J and Dr. J have many excellent shows to discuss this week happening in the Dayton, Ohio area! If you live elsewhere – do yourself a favor and check out some local music in your scene. Our suggestions for the Dayton area include a few suggestions…

Dear Fawn has a release show coming up on December 5th: Dear Fawn Ep Release Show w/ Jamaican Queens & Forage and OldNews, The Great Wide Open, and The New Old-Fashioned‘s David Payne are also playing out this week also on December 6th. If that was not cool enough we also have the album release party for Across the Vast & Deep from Tim Pritchard and the Boxcar Suite also on December 6th! Scientists… we need that time machine now! Dear Fawn

And yup there’s more… on December 6th we have The Jeremy Frederick Presents: North Of Nowhere South: An annual celebration of the life and music of Jeremy Frederick, Tim Taylor, Chris Green, and other friends, loved ones, and musical heroes we’ve lost in Dayton. Proceeds to go to the Izzy Frederick’s Education Fund. More info here: 

If anyone can’t make it, but would still like to make a donation to Izzy’s college fund, you can send checks or money orders to:

Isabella Frederick Educational Fund
Wright Patt Credit Union
P.O. Box 286, Fairborn, Ohio 45324

Yeah there’s some great new, local, Dayton, and indie music on the radio show this Tuesday too… but we bet you already knew that!

PlaygroundAnd finally, we are all excited about The Playground Theatre’s Breakfast Club production on December 11th!

Handmade DaytonExpect a report on Handmade Holiday Dayton for 2014! 

This is a great event – find one in your neck of the woods if you are not from Dayton!  Find the local artists for your gift giving needs.

So, join us this week for new music and a discussion of shows!  You can always contact us at drjwdur on twitter and gmail.  As always you can call in at 937-229-2774!

New Discoveries: Your Tuesday Afternoon Alternative

10173600_10152023691222413_8100357651851047338_nThis week we will be exploring many great new discoveries found locally and those farther flung finds! We will be joined in studio by some special guests and discussing up coming new releases from Ghost Town SilenceMorrissey Official and a current single from #Dayton’s own The Lost Boys who are playing the Van’s Warped Tour.

GTSWe also need your help in determining our Summer music book reads — so give us suggestions, call in (937-229-2774) or tweet us over at drjwudr.

Never forget to take a look at our YTAA Group Page on Facebook!  And our ‘official’ Facebooky page!  And the event page where you can get a run-down on the set list, conversation during the show, and more! Popthrillz---Alternative

The Healing Power of Music: Your Tuesday Afternoon Alternative returns from Break

Tomorrow from 3-6pm Your Tuesday Afternoon Alternative is back! We were away and now, we are back. We have so much new music and so many stories to share that we will not bore you listing them all here. So, hop aboard tomorrow on or 99.5 or 98.1fm in Dayton. Remember that you can always listen via the new UD Mobile App available here:

You can follow the show on our Facebook event page!  Image