Let’s Get some Biscuits & Gravy

52038491_2078431862248332_5174685913728417792_nHungry? For music that is! One of the most exciting music duos in the Dayton Music Scene are Biscuits and Gravy. This exciting group is one half Cherry Lee & The Hot Rod Hounds care of Ms. Cassandra Lee Barker and second part Mr. Harold Hensley ‘The Golden Voice of Dayton Roots Music’ and member of The Repeating Arms! They will come on the program this Tuesday, February 26 and talk about recording, their upcoming record and play a few songs live in the studio as only they can!

They have amazing harmonies and sing with a beautiful feel that few possess. Join us for Biscuits and Gravy with a side of musical goodness.

Tuesday 3-6pm on your internet dial at wudr.udayton.edu and on the old timey radio air waves at 99.5 & 98.1fm. Photos courtesy of the artists.


Reveal Intelligent Radio


Hey there Music Fans!

Dr. J is now part of the Reveal Radio family!  Your Tuesday Afternoon Alternative will do an Internet radio program every Wednesday from 2-5pm Eastern Time zone followed by our good friend Gretchen Kelly’s ‘In The Rough’ radio show!  What could be more punk than a Tuesday show on Wednesday?  We could not be happier about collaborating with an effort focused on music in all genres, formats and approaches.

Reveal Radio began in 2012 as a radio show created by musician. Producer, Sound Technician Rob Puricelli.  From Rob’s efforts to connect listeners to interesting, fun and new music, Radio Pure Gently was born.  RPG’s mission was to embrace music in all of its forms.  The approach was simple: recognize the influence of the classic performers in popular music while encouraging exploration of new music across genres.

From RPG, Reveal launched in 2017.  The focus is on music.  Period.  Presenters create the playlists not any corporate behemoth as is all too common.  The DJs play what interests and moves them.  At Reveal, there are presenters and hosts with varied musical ideas from all around the world broadcasting 24/7 online because they are committed to exploring music.  No agendas, which will be refreshing, right?

Reveal’s more well-known shows include Friday Night Live with Rob Puricelli, Synthetix Sundays with Marko Maric, Soiree 80s, The Diamond Field Radio Show with Andy Diamond, The Things That Dreams Are Made of with Daniel X. Belasco as well as the regular Thursday show.

You can now hear YTAA on Tuesdays at WUDR (online & 99.5/98.1fm) from 3-6pm Eastern and a freewheeling fun online version on Wednesdays from 2-5pm on Reveal.  Join us for one show or heck, maybe both.  See you on Tuesdays and Wednesdays!

YTAA Monster Cropped

Shaking Up the Formula

GEA - drjwudr 3.28.17 finals-51
Charlie Jackson in studio 03-28-17 photo courtesy of Gabrielle Elizabeth Studios 

In indie music, 2017 has been a great year for music so far and there is no reason to expect it to slow down.  We are enjoying new music from Smug Brothers, Son Volt, The Rallies, Guided by Voices, Mark Cantwil, Tashaki Miyaki, Ha Ha Tonka, Spoon, Folk is People, Scott Swain, Al Holbrook, Dreamsalon, Hater, The Magnifiers, Dude York, and The New Pornographers — to just name a few.

We are still listening to tunes from last year from artists like Bleached, Shrug, Mike Adams at his Honest Weight, and Me Time.  Again, there is so much more but those CDs and EPs are constantly fighting for space in our CD player!  This year we are making a real effort to not only discover great new music to share with you but also to bring musicians into the studio.  It is far too easy to get stuck, to limit yourself and simply do the same thing over and over.

Imagine you are standing in front of the music board for the radio station.
Independent music for everyone!

Our hope with Your Tuesday Afternoon Alternative is to break out of the same day, same songs, same plan approach to radio and introduce new music and new songs to our listeners.  And you can help!  If there are songs or artists that we should be playing, let us know. Contact us here or email us at drjwudr at gmail!

Even if you do not make any suggestions, please consider joining us every Tuesday from 3-6pm for YTAA and on occasional Tuesdays until 8pm and stay a little later with us as we have performers come into the performance studio and play for all of us.



YTAA Celebrates HoliDayton, The Purrs, and Official release of Tiny Spark

The Purrs - Rotting on the Vine single!
The Purrs – Rotting on the Vine single out now!

Join us tomorrow as we celebrate the HoliDayton indie music extravaganza that occurs every year! Also, Tiny Spark by Dave Mann and The B-sides is out NOW! And you really want it. Dave will be calling in to talk about Tiny Spark, work on the new Mittenfields album, and more!

If that was not enough we are also premiering The Purrs new song Rotting on the Vine! In fact, we love both the A and B sides of that single —  remember those days? — that we will also be playing You, The Medicine, and Me by The Purrs too!

New music from Guided by Voices, Okay Lindon, King Elk, Lightouts, Sleep Fleet, Mission Man, Human Cannonball, Me & Mountains, Major Major Major, Motel Beds, Robthebank, The Story Changes, and some great stuff from The Connells, Smug Brothers, and We Were Animals

Join us for some great new and Dayton music on Your Tuesday Afternoon Alternative on wudr.udayton.edu from 3-6pm!