Mittenfields vs. The Mittenfields: New Music that will Rock Your World

Every time Your Tuesday Afternoon Alternative arrives – we work to bring you exciting new indie music. And this week is no exception. In fact, we have some tunes we are very excited to share with you!  On Tuesday, March 17th we have something a little extra special for you music lover!

the MittenfieldsMittenfields have new music coming our way and we have the radio premier of several songs from them this week. You can expect a discussion with the band, new songs, and important announcements that simply should not be missed. We will be talking with them about the new record, the new songs, and much more!

As we always promise – you can also expect new indie music on the program for your listening pleasure as well. We have some terrific stuff from the Tyler Cochran Trio, Dear Fawn and so many more musical pastries to share.

So come on over.  We love company and conversation about really interesting indie music.  It will just be you, us, and Mittenfields on this wild radio ride from 3-6pm on WUDR! Tune in via the interwebs at or if you live in the Gem City you can listen at 99.5 and 98.1fm.  Either way listen in — we have heard the new stuff from Mittenfields – you will not be disappointed! Popthrillz---Alternative

You’re Never Coming Back: YTAA Celebrates New Music from Dear Fawn

Dear Fawn You're never Coming BackDear Fawn have new music and we are showcasing a few songs from their new record! You’re Never Coming Back is their terrific followup to I Never Played The Queen. We will chat with them during the show and play some of their new music as well as a few older favorites.
We also have new music from Line & Circle, Late Cambrian, The London Suede, The Rotaries, Nuno Santos, Notwist, The Amazing, Smug Brothers, The Men, The Story Changes, Bonson Berner, Pete RG, The Magic Words,The Echo Bombs, and much more.

We have a cool Smiths cover from Revolution, I Love You!

We have some music from several musicians and bands who will be playing out in the area in the next few weeks including The Al Holbrook Band, Kid Stardust, and more. We even already have some requests –Speaking Suns, Interpol, Portugal. The Man, and Manray which we have to play!

Expect tons of interesting music both local and far flung on this week’s show! Join us if you can because we get lonely – 3-6pm Eastern time zone stuff today on!


Go See Local Bands and Local Art! A Dayton Show Extravaganza Weekend!

10462882_771795486225757_7458810705605439738_nWho needs help with their plans this week and weekend? We got a few suggestions for you on the show this Tuesday on Your Tuesday Afternoon Alternative! In addition to all of the great music and indie music news that you have come to expect, we are living our show motto – ‘Support Your Local Music Scene.’

Join us for our radio show on because Mrs Dr. J and Dr. J have many excellent shows to discuss this week happening in the Dayton, Ohio area! If you live elsewhere – do yourself a favor and check out some local music in your scene. Our suggestions for the Dayton area include a few suggestions…

Dear Fawn has a release show coming up on December 5th: Dear Fawn Ep Release Show w/ Jamaican Queens & Forage and OldNews, The Great Wide Open, and The New Old-Fashioned‘s David Payne are also playing out this week also on December 6th. If that was not cool enough we also have the album release party for Across the Vast & Deep from Tim Pritchard and the Boxcar Suite also on December 6th! Scientists… we need that time machine now! Dear Fawn

And yup there’s more… on December 6th we have The Jeremy Frederick Presents: North Of Nowhere South: An annual celebration of the life and music of Jeremy Frederick, Tim Taylor, Chris Green, and other friends, loved ones, and musical heroes we’ve lost in Dayton. Proceeds to go to the Izzy Frederick’s Education Fund. More info here: 

If anyone can’t make it, but would still like to make a donation to Izzy’s college fund, you can send checks or money orders to:

Isabella Frederick Educational Fund
Wright Patt Credit Union
P.O. Box 286, Fairborn, Ohio 45324

Yeah there’s some great new, local, Dayton, and indie music on the radio show this Tuesday too… but we bet you already knew that!

PlaygroundAnd finally, we are all excited about The Playground Theatre’s Breakfast Club production on December 11th!

Handmade DaytonExpect a report on Handmade Holiday Dayton for 2014! 

This is a great event – find one in your neck of the woods if you are not from Dayton!  Find the local artists for your gift giving needs.

So, join us this week for new music and a discussion of shows!  You can always contact us at drjwdur on twitter and gmail.  As always you can call in at 937-229-2774!

Sleep Fleet Celebrates Release of New EP

Image So far the new year in Dayton has brought great music around town for us all to enjoy!  This weekend is no exception!

On Saturday, February 1st, Sleep Fleet returns to Dayton after six months – a time far too long for music fans.  The Sleep Fleeters are releasing their brand shiny and new EP, Hudson & High, at a show at Blind Bob’s in our fine city.  The album courtesy of the fine folks at Brain Candy Records is available at the band’s bandcamp page and is not to be missed.

Brat CurseSleep Fleet is joined by the dynamic new trio Brat Curse! Their new self-titled record is another great new release for 2014!  These ex-Pharohs musicians play a pop-tinged punk that is a reminder of the excitement of the D-I-Y and post-punk movements before alternative became commercial!

Dear fawn LogoDayton’s own Dear Fawn will be playing their first set with their all new five-person line up!   You can hear some of Dear Fawn’s fine songs from their terrific CD, I Played the Queen on the band’s Soundcloud page!  This is another new band that promises to be another great addition to our music scene.

Track List for Hudson & High

Sleep Fleet Hudson and High

1. I Wanted It All 02:04
2. I’ll Stay 02:49
3. Happy Alone 02:55
4. Chief 02:10
5. Three Sides 02:18
6. Why Don’t You Want Me? 02:39

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Sometimes being a real Dr. can be cool

ImageThe coolest part of the UD Self, Community, and Society in the 21st Century Living and Learning Community this year…

From discussions on religion and social media, the C21 LLC turned our attention to entertainment, music, identity, and techniques of the use of social media in our community. On Tuesday, October 29th from 6:30-8:30pm the members of C21 met with local Dayton musicians in the Science Center Auditorium. What is Dayton music like? How do local musicians share information about their music, concerts, and other events? We learned that the independent music scene in the Miami valley is not only incredibly diverse and active but that they use social media and traditional media to share information with the larger community.

Speakers included:
Burris Dixon, Me & Mountains, Swim Diver
Tom Gilliam, The Rebel Set, TCB Hit Squad
Andy Ingram, Kris N., Poptek Records
M. Ross Perkins, Goodbye, Esther Caulfield Orchestra
Liz Rasmussen, Good English
Tifani Tanaka, Dear Fawn
Tod Weidner, Motel Beds, Shrug

A Dayton Community Event

Dayton-Ohio_smallThis coming Tuesday — October 29, 2013 at 7:00 – 8:30PM Dr. J will host a discussion on Dayton music!

Join us as we celebrate Dayton music and the Dayton Community!  The event will be held at the University of Dayton’s Science Center Auditorium.

Everything you wanted to know about Dayton Music but were afraid to ask!

Speakers include:

M. Ross Perkins, Goodbye
Tifani Tanaka, Dear Fawn
Burris Dixon, Me & Mountains
Andy Ingram, Kris N.
Tom Gilliam, The Rebel Set
Liz Rasmussen, Good English
Tod Weidner, Motel Beds, Shrug

Dear Fawn joins Your Tuesday Afternoon Alternative

Kyle Melton — who we think of as Mr. Dayton Music — of Dear Fawn among several other bands (King Elk, Smug Brothers) will be joining us to talk about the new Dear Fawn CD and the Dayton music scene. 

Expect some great discussions about local and indie music. We will also be talking about some great new music from Billy Bragg, They Might be Giants, Little Green Cars, Bettie Serveert, and more! 

Prepare for your Record Store Day with our guide! Join Dr. J and Mrs. Dr. J this Tuesday where we live our motto – ‘Support Your Local Music Scene!’Image

New Music in Dayton and Beyond: Another Tuesday Afternoon Alternative


Great new music from Dear Fawn, Smug Brothers, Timothy Pritchard and the Boxcar Suite, David Bowie, Line and Circle, The Lovely Bad Things, The  Men, Waxahatchee, Bleeding Rainbow, Glorie, and much more!   Join us this Tuesday from 3-6pm on WUDR!

We will be discussing the new CDs from Dear Fawn and Smug Brothers and trying to answer the question of why the Dayton music scene continues to impress!

Expect a rundown on shows that you need to catch in the Miami Valley, a SXSW review, and a preview of Record Store Day.

Brand new song from Dave Mann and More this Week

A new show tomorrow as Your Tuesday Afternoon turns Alternative featuring music and a premier from our friend Dave Mann – Tiny Spark.  The song will make your day!

Hold on tight for bands like Fast Years, King Elk, Motel Beds, Me & Mountains, POP-ETC, Southeast Engine, Dear Fawn, Homemade, PowerFlower, Water Liars, Japandroids, Smashing Pumpkins, Soulsavers, Harper Blynn, A Place to Bury Strangers, The Black Cadillacs, Iskaa & the Red Cars, Good Sir Con Artist, Wussy, Mittenfields, Seedy Seeds, Royal Headache, Guided by Voices and more.

We will be talking about YTAA T-shirts, bumper stickers, and stickers…

So, tune in if you can because we would really appreciate it and you will discover great independent music on or 99.5 and 98.1 in the Dayton area!