Hologram Concerts: Music’s Future?

arrow_copy_fee_hereA recent essay in the New York Times discussed the rise of Hologram concerts featuring long past musicians such as Buddy Holly, Roy Orbison, Tupac Shakur, Ronnie James Dio, Frank Zappa among plans for others. What to think of this?

How long before their are digital shows/holograms of Bowie, Joe Strummer, Prince, Petty, among a legion of aging (read post 60 years of age) musicians that management and record companies want to continue to profit on their art by finding a way to keep these artists performing.

Consider the consequence of a band or musicians ever ceasing. In the words of one executive: “We have to put them back on the road.” (Brian Baumley, publicist for Eyellusion quoted in the article).

The idea that companies can buy the rights to these images drawn from concert footage raises a host of questions about long term (perpetual, perhaps?) ownership of music and the image of musicians themselves. A recent episode of Black Mirror seemed to deal directly with this idea. If management cannot control the musician or band, simply digitize. In the end, the management company did not win — in a rare twist for Black Mirror — but in an industry built on the exploitation of artists, musicians, lyricists and other creatives, how accurate is that ending? While that level of control is not widely happening today, one has to wonder how long before it could?

The idea of a concert should be an exchange of ideas, enthusiasm and love of music not a pristine controlled event. Sometimes the most beautiful musical moments are the mistakes, the surprises that arise in the moment of artistic creation. Not planned. Not anticipated. Not controlled.

Read the article here — Old Musicians Never Die. They Just Become Holograms – The New York Times.

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Gem City Podcast featuring our own Dr. J


Boston's First record and American Werewolf Academy's latest single
A peek at Dr. J’s record collection
 We wanted to share the kind podcast of Dr. J that Izzy from The Gem City Podcast did with him a few weeks ago!  We spoke about interests in music, independent music, and the fantastic music coming out of Dayton, Ohio now and in the past. Izzy was a scholar and a gentleman who demonstrated the reason that the Gem City Podcast is one of the best music podcasts being made today in the Miami Valley!  Whether you are a fan of music or just someone who is interested in how a college professor becomes fascinated by independent and alternative music, this podcast has something for everyone.  If you believe that a day without music like a day without air… Oh, yeah we may have overstated that a little bit but seriously if you believe that some of greatest musical discoveries are in your future and not in your past then this podcast is for you!  And you should check into their other podcasts while you are there!  They have some interviews and conversations with some of our favorite Dayton musicians, music enthusiasts, and others involved in the area music scene.  

Thank you Izzy and the folks at The Gem City Podcast for taking the time to talk about music with us!  You are terrific! 

Sometimes being a real Dr. can be cool

ImageThe coolest part of the UD Self, Community, and Society in the 21st Century Living and Learning Community this year…

From discussions on religion and social media, the C21 LLC turned our attention to entertainment, music, identity, and techniques of the use of social media in our community. On Tuesday, October 29th from 6:30-8:30pm the members of C21 met with local Dayton musicians in the Science Center Auditorium. What is Dayton music like? How do local musicians share information about their music, concerts, and other events? We learned that the independent music scene in the Miami valley is not only incredibly diverse and active but that they use social media and traditional media to share information with the larger community.

Speakers included:
Burris Dixon, Me & Mountains, Swim Diver
Tom Gilliam, The Rebel Set, TCB Hit Squad
Andy Ingram, Kris N., Poptek Records
M. Ross Perkins, Goodbye, Esther Caulfield Orchestra
Liz Rasmussen, Good English
Tifani Tanaka, Dear Fawn
Tod Weidner, Motel Beds, Shrug

Check These Out

downloadNew Releases to Check out because you love music and stuff

Paul Carrack – “Rain or Shine” (his 16th solo album features five new songs and five covers; Hear here;MP3) (U.K. – Carrack UK, Nov. 25)

Bill Cosby – “… far from finished” (his first TV concert special in 30 years airs on Nov. 24; MP3DVDBlu-ray) (Comedy Central)

Daniel Ash – “Anthology” (three CDs, 51 songs, containing the Bauhaus/Love and Rockets guitarist’s solo albums “Coming Down” and “Foolish Thing Desire,” plus a bonus disc of rarities, B-sides and demos;Read here) (U.K. – Cherry Red, Nov. 25)

Big Star – “Playlist: The Very Best of Big Star” (14 studio tracks, rehearsal takes and rare live performances; MP3; see related DVD/Blu-ray below) (Columbia / Legacy, Nov. 25)

George Carlin – “George Carlin: Life Is Worth Losing [Blu-ray]” (his 13th HBO special from 2005) (MPI Home Video)


Fundraiser for Cats of All Sizes

Sami J - YTAA Office Assistant Cat
Sami J – YTAA Office Assistant Cat

A good friend of the show has created a wonderful and inventive swim marathon fundraiser throughout June to raise money for Lions Tigers and Bears sanctuary in California, which was instrumental in placing dozens of big cats from Ohio into new homes.  She is also raising support for the Cat Welfare Association, the biggest cat shelter in central Ohio.  You can read more about this effort — and if possible, contribute — to it at the blog for this important fundraiser for cat shelters: http://bigcatslittlecats.wordpress.com/

Please take a few minutes and see what you can do to help in this grassroots effort to support two great causes! Yours in Social Responsibility, – Dr. J