YTAA Goes Age Nowhere

52005916_2078455642245954_4536899964810297344_nAllow us to set a scene for our upcoming show on Tuesday. Imagine stepping in for a drink at a bar where Sticky Fingers era Keith Richards is hanging out with his Nudie Cohen Suit wearing pal Graham Parsons and a world weary Chris Robinson of the Black Crowes. They are all sitting in a booth commenting on the passing musical fancies of the day.

That scene is the experience of Age Nowhere! Imagine a true double guitar attack from Identical-twin brothers Matt and Dan Spaugy paired with smoky evocative lyrics sung by Paul Monin propelled by driving drums from Seth Gilliam and pounding bass of Matt Terry. That is the experience of Age Nowhere.The band takes it’s nom de plume from one of the standout tracks on Dayton’s own Shrug‘s 2005 record ‘Whole Hog For The Macho Jesus.’

Join us for conversation, music and the Age Nowhere experience online at the usual website on Tuesday, March 19th from 3-6pm!

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This Week We have a Special Guest!

This week on YTAA we will be joined by Tim Pritchard of The Boxcar Suite!  Tim will be in studio to talk about the band’s new EP Life on the Limb and their upcoming show on April 1st at the legendary Trolley Stop as well as the next full length record the band is work on! Plus Tim will play a few songs in our performance studio!  So, tune into the show this week — 99.5 and 98.1 fm in Dayton and online at as we all get to hear terrific music from The Boxcar Suite along with tons of new music!  Tweet us questions to ask Tim at!  See you all soon!

Tim Pritchard1
Photo courtesy of The Boxcar Suite

Mittenfields vs. The Mittenfields: New Music that will Rock Your World

Every time Your Tuesday Afternoon Alternative arrives – we work to bring you exciting new indie music. And this week is no exception. In fact, we have some tunes we are very excited to share with you!  On Tuesday, March 17th we have something a little extra special for you music lover!

the MittenfieldsMittenfields have new music coming our way and we have the radio premier of several songs from them this week. You can expect a discussion with the band, new songs, and important announcements that simply should not be missed. We will be talking with them about the new record, the new songs, and much more!

As we always promise – you can also expect new indie music on the program for your listening pleasure as well. We have some terrific stuff from the Tyler Cochran Trio, Dear Fawn and so many more musical pastries to share.

So come on over.  We love company and conversation about really interesting indie music.  It will just be you, us, and Mittenfields on this wild radio ride from 3-6pm on WUDR! Tune in via the interwebs at or if you live in the Gem City you can listen at 99.5 and 98.1fm.  Either way listen in — we have heard the new stuff from Mittenfields – you will not be disappointed! Popthrillz---Alternative

MPMF, Connells 30 and 1994 on Your Tuesday Afternoon Alternative

Fischer-Connells-Pic10-copyThis week we look forward to MidPoint Music Festival in Cincinnati, The Connells 30th Anniversary Show and our year block this week — as picked by Dayton’s own Luke Frazier — is 1994. So, join us from 3-6pm (e) Tuesday on WUDR for Your Tuesday Afternoon Alternative!

Expect music from each decade and… well much more than three songs from The Connells during the show tomorrow! Trivia will be discussed, show plans will be made – it will be more than worth your time! We promise. Also expect discussion of The Motel Beds who are playing MPMF this weekend. Plus you can expect much music love for MPMF 2014!  They have an amazing list of artists for the festival this year.  It promises to be a great weekend of music in Cincinnati, Raleigh, NC, and in our hometown of Dayton, Ohio!

Early Connells Pic

YTAA: Its a Radio Show & You can Listen in – so come along!


Another show featuring new music from so many bands. We just aren’t going to list them all. Plus some very rare stuff that has not been released yet.

And some forthcoming Sam at Eleven – there you go.  Our event page to find out about the music we are playing is here!

Tuesday 3-6pm on WUDR!

The Healing Power of Music: Your Tuesday Afternoon Alternative returns from Break

Tomorrow from 3-6pm Your Tuesday Afternoon Alternative is back! We were away and now, we are back. We have so much new music and so many stories to share that we will not bore you listing them all here. So, hop aboard tomorrow on or 99.5 or 98.1fm in Dayton. Remember that you can always listen via the new UD Mobile App available here:

You can follow the show on our Facebook event page!  Image

Have a Happy New Years

Working hard to find new music in 2014

Have a Happy New Year Everyone!

Due to the holiday today/tonight there will be no YTAA today. We will be back next year. Yeah, we know it was a lame joke. But we think that will not be the first lame joke today. We will be back Tuesday, January 7th with an all new show!  You can see that we are burning the midnight oil to get ready for the show in the new year… Alright, sorry about that joke/visual metaphor too.  Oh, and we have to go see Wussy tonight!  Remember to always support your local music scene!  See you all next Tuesday on WUDR.


And Then We Come Back! Return of Your Tuesday Afternoon Alternative

ImageAfter one week off we return for another Your Tuesday Afternoon Alternative! This week we are featuring music from Austin Livingood, Heyward Houkiins, Ghosty, Josh Eagle, The Turkish Delights, Yo La Tengo, and much more! Returning music from Joshua Sweeney, The Story Changes, Motel Beds, Me & Mountains, and Shannon and the Clams.   Expect tributes to Vanity Theft and Bonneville!

Catch a preview of area artist Darren Gnitke on this week’s show! And, of course, expect another Bowie Block as we celebrate the return of Mr. Bowie!

We will talk about the Bunbury Festival that transpired a few weeks ago in Cincinnati. What did you think? What were your favorite performances? Let us know!  Join us this Tuesday from 3-6pm (e) for Your Tuesday Afternoon Alternative on WUDR!

A Perfect Record for 2013… well, so far

2541 - Grant HartJoin us this Tuesday — we have not missed one yet! — for another afternoon of radio on Your Tuesday becomes Alternative with Dr. J and Mrs. Dr. J this Tuesday!

This week we will be playing music from The Ready Stance, The Mayflies USA, The Kyle Sowashes, Grant Hart, The Exploding Hearts, Wussy, The Decade Runners, Night Beds, Christopher Owens, RobtheBank, Cub, The Coathangers, The Tigerlilies, Dear Fawn, and much more! You should expect some classic indie with The Replacements and Husker Du.

We will be talking about one of our favorite movies – Color Me Obsessed: A Film about The Replacements and a soon-to-be-favorite film — Every Everything, the music, life & times of Grant Hart!

YTAA Celebrates HoliDayton, The Purrs, and Official release of Tiny Spark

The Purrs - Rotting on the Vine single!
The Purrs – Rotting on the Vine single out now!

Join us tomorrow as we celebrate the HoliDayton indie music extravaganza that occurs every year! Also, Tiny Spark by Dave Mann and The B-sides is out NOW! And you really want it. Dave will be calling in to talk about Tiny Spark, work on the new Mittenfields album, and more!

If that was not enough we are also premiering The Purrs new song Rotting on the Vine! In fact, we love both the A and B sides of that single —  remember those days? — that we will also be playing You, The Medicine, and Me by The Purrs too!

New music from Guided by Voices, Okay Lindon, King Elk, Lightouts, Sleep Fleet, Mission Man, Human Cannonball, Me & Mountains, Major Major Major, Motel Beds, Robthebank, The Story Changes, and some great stuff from The Connells, Smug Brothers, and We Were Animals

Join us for some great new and Dayton music on Your Tuesday Afternoon Alternative on from 3-6pm!

Annual Dayton Music Fest Preview Show!

 This week we will be listening to some of the great local music that we have in the city of Dayton!  Many of the great music, venues, and artwork in our community will be previewed for those who are thinking about attending DMF 2012!  And honestly that should be you.  We also have some rare demos and live recordings from some of the artists who are making the Gem City music festival so amazing.  Co-organizer Don Thrasher will be joining us in the first hour of the show.  Expect some great music from Southeast Engine, Vanity Theft, Roley Yuma, Sleep Fleet, Al Holbrook, Turkish Delights, Me & Mountains, Motel Beds, Captain of Industry, Amnesia, Tim Pritchard and The Boxcar Suite and much much more!

We will also talk about the bands and artists that we saw at Midpoint Music Fest this past weekend.  For the record, Dayton’s own Motel Beds were amazing at MPMF this year!

You can check out the schedule for DMF!  Make your weekend plans accordingly!