MPMF, Connells 30 and 1994 on Your Tuesday Afternoon Alternative

Fischer-Connells-Pic10-copyThis week we look forward to MidPoint Music Festival in Cincinnati, The Connells 30th Anniversary Show and our year block this week — as picked by Dayton’s own Luke Frazier — is 1994. So, join us from 3-6pm (e) Tuesday on WUDR for Your Tuesday Afternoon Alternative!

Expect music from each decade and… well much more than three songs from The Connells during the show tomorrow! Trivia will be discussed, show plans will be made – it will be more than worth your time! We promise. Also expect discussion of The Motel Beds who are playing MPMF this weekend. Plus you can expect much music love for MPMF 2014!  They have an amazing list of artists for the festival this year.  It promises to be a great weekend of music in Cincinnati, Raleigh, NC, and in our hometown of Dayton, Ohio!

Early Connells Pic

Annual Midpoint Music Festival Review Show!

We will be playing music from bands and artists who are part of the Midpoint Music Fest this year!

Expect another great set of indie music this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night in Cincinnati! We are also playing the new R. Ring song along with music from The Motel Beds, Me & Mountains, Captain of Industry, DAWNS, The Parlours, The Fair Shakes, The Kyle Sowashes, Go Robot, Go! and much more! Elizabeth Lenon-Van Dine will be joining us to talk about some exciting efforts to help victims of human trafficking here in Dayton!ImageLet us know that you will be listening on Facebook!