New Music Tuesday

Salvadore Ross

Salvadore Ross – their new record Mystery Head is an incredible psychedelic rocker!  See them Friday, March 27th at Jimmie’s Ladder 11 with Brett and Big Lightning!

Today on Your Tuesday Afternoon Alternative we have tons of new music to share with you.  Smug Brothers, Ha Ha Tonka, Salvadore Ross, The Orwells, The Florals, Middle Kids, White Reaper, M Ross Perkins, The Modulators, Hurray For The Riff Raff, Me Time, Kings of Leon, Son Volt, Hemicrania, Strand of Oaks, Debra Devi, Bribing Senators, Flying Underground, Ryan Adams and Son Volt!  We have to find a way to fit over five hours of new music into three!  2017 is delivering on the promise of terrific new music!

Join us from 3-6pm on WUDR online or 99.5 & 98.1fm in Dayton, Ohio, USA!


Flying Underground – plays Blind Bob’s in Dayton, OH with Me & Mountains on Friday, March 17, 2017!

Memorial Show 

Our first show in March represents a look back at all of the amazing musicians who left this mortal coil last year. We are all aware of such luminaries as David Bowie, Merle Haggard, Leonard Cohen, John Berry, Maurice White, George Michael, Paul Kanter, Glenn Frey, Paul Bley, Sir George Martin, Nicholas Caldwell, Red Simpson, Phyfe Dawg, Bernie Worrell, Keith Emerson, Alan Vega, John Thurman Hunter jr, Pete Burns, and Prince who passed away last year far before their time.  This show will address many musicians who made a contribution to music but are not the proverbial household names.  Our goal is to dig deep and think about the session players, background singers, and talented players who are all too often overlooked. 

Unfortunately, we lost several individuals involved in music and at Your Tuesday Afternoon Alternative we wanted to spend a few hours remembering and celebrating the many contributors to music that we lost.  2016 was also a tough year on many individuals who contributed indirectly to some amazing music projects such as Robert Balser who was the animation director for The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine. 

Tom Gilliam of Ghost Town Silence, Daytongram, and an exceptional musician joins Dr. J as we reflect on the musicians who have transitioned and celebrate the music across genres.  Tom is a frequent contributor on the show and we welcome his insight into reflecting on those we have lost in 2016. 

So, join Dr. J and Tom Gilliam on March 7th as we take time to remember those we lost in 2016. 

Support Your Local Music Scene – Dr. J

Stone Cold Yesterday: The Best of The Connells — onesimpleband

Announcing Stone Cold Yesterday: The Best of The Connells

via Stone Cold Yesterday: The Best of The Connells — onesimpleband

Dayton’s music is rooted in love

A terrific run down of Dayton area shows this weekend and more!

Dayton Music Insider

This week was tough on the Dayton music scene. It’s been sad and appalling to witness the witch hunt and public persecution of one of our own. Instead of throwing stones, I’ve taken a moment to self reflect, and realize the impact that our words have. They have the incredible power to both uplift and inspire, and on the other side, the power to destroy and devastate.

I’d love for us all to take a collective deep breath, and start this weekend with a renewed spirit of understanding and forgiveness. Music has an amazing way of bringing people together, and this weekend I hope it does just that.

One of the beautiful ways to do that is by attending “Rooted in Love” – a benefit to help support a breast cancer patient in Dayton. That event, among many others, reminds me that this scene is at it’s roots, comes from a place of love. Let’s…

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Jetty Bones in Studio 

 Jetty Bones joined us this past Tuesday to play new music from their EP ‘Crucial States’.  If you get an opportunity you should go and see them! They were such fun guests on the show that we hope to have them back again! You can find them all over social media on Twitter, Facebook and on Instagram.


Cool Video Alert!

Our friends at The Boxcar Suite have a video from their Life on the Limb EP and you should watch it!

The Boxcar Suite playing WUDR