Video of the Day: Smug Brothers

Smug Brothers’ All Blur & Spark, out on CD on Gas Daddy Go Records on Monday, July 8

From the band:  Fifteen years since forming as a home recording outfit, Smug Brothers continue to find new ways to shake things up creatively. That’s certainly true of the new full-length, All Blur and Spark. Work on the Ohio band’s latest offering on Gas Daddy Go Records began before the February 2019 release of the crowd-funded vinyl album, Attic Harvest, and was curated by some of the group’s supporters.

“The songs were the result of the Attic Harvest fundraiser,” leader Kyle Melton said. “We offered contributors the option to have a custom song recorded as part of their contribution and 11 people participated. Each person was offered to choose an acoustic or full-band track and was then given a list of five titles from which to choose.

“We then recorded the songs quickly in late 2018 in time to send a CD copy of each song out with each person’s vinyl copy of Attic Harvest. When we had completed that project, we realized the 11 tracks would make a cool fan-curated album worth sharing with more people. We got each person’s permission to use their track and put it all together. And here we are at All Blur And Spark.”

Before these two 2019 albums, there were the studio projects with Darryl Robbins at BHA in Dayton (Woodpecker Paradise, 2015) and Micah Carli at Popside Recording in Troy, Ohio (Disco Maroon, 2017). Following these experiments in higher fidelity and the departure of lead guitarist Brian Baker and bassist Larry Evans, Melton and drummer Don Thrasher returned to the home-recording approach they’ve favored since joining forces in 2008.

“We really enjoyed recording studio albums with Darryl and Micah,” Thrasher said. “We’re proud of how those full-lengths turned out but working like that takes a lot of time in pre-production and post-production, not to mention tracking and overdubs. That’s how most bands make records but it’s not a very Smug way to work. Kyle and I prefer to get in the basement, take a few runs through a song and then lay it to the four-track cassette recorder while the material is still fresh.”

Melton and Thrasher perfected that approach on early releases like the digital LP Fortune Rumors (2011) and the cassette EP Strictly Triggers (2014), recording overdubs and vocals with Robbins (Overthought Musik, Motel Beds) as engineer/co-producer. That changed with Attic Harvest and All Blur And Spark, a one-two-punch that shows there’s still a lot of life left in this scrappy band of rockers.

It also marks a period of firsts. These are the first projects recorded with Melton at the helm in his basement studio and the first with the band’s new guitarist/keyboardist Scott Tribble, who is opening up new sonic dimensions in the music.

Being fully self-contained has also allowed Smug Brothers to increase its pace in Melton’s basement, with the group deep into sessions for several forthcoming releases. With the looming 20th anniversary of the band’s debut CD LP Buzzmounter (2005), it’s evident this scrappy outfit from Ohio will continue to grow.

Listen to All Blur And Spark at:

Video of The Day: Nada Surf – Rushing

The official video for Nada Surf‘s “Rushing” from their album ‘You Know Who You Are‘. Available on Barsuk Records (US/Canada) and City Slang (Europe) since March 2016. Just a perfect indie PowerPop gem!

Video of The Day – The Typical Johnsons – Wreckage

From The Typical Johnsons – This song is about commemorating a moment, this is our stand alone single, Wreckage. This is for all of us who have crashed through our collective pasts, hopefully with enough force to have created a memory and a story that stands the test of time…

Here is the song!

We’re still here… not knowing anything and doing it all wrong.

Thank you to The Ohio Recording Co. and to WiseUP Entertainment for the recording and the video…your-tuesday-alternative-new logo

Video of The Day: Mark Cantwil – Pardon Me

We are excited to introduce you to the first single and title track off of the forthcoming album, “Pardon Me”!! The song is available for purchase on iTunes and all download and streaming platforms.

Video filmed and Edited by Pete Vogel at North Star Productions. Drone footage filmed by Andy Vogel at Edifice I Productions

“Pardon Me”
Lyrics and Music by Mark Cantwil
© 2019 Mark Cantwil
Mark Cantwil Music (ASCAP)
Produced by Tom Boyer and Mark Cantwil

Recorded and Mixed byTom Boyer at GBS Records/OATH Studios. Background vocals recorded by Patrick Himes at Reel Love Studios. Additional fiddle tracks recorded by Colin Murphy at Murphtone Studios. Mastered by Brian Lucey at Magic Garden Mastering.

Mark Cantwil – Lead Vocal and Acoustic Guitar
Khrys Blank – Backing Vocal
Colin Murphy – Fiddle
Brett Mullins – Electric Guitar
Tom Boyer – Mandolin
Tim Hart – Bass
Dave Fowler – Drums

“Pardon Me”
I’m hungry for a line
Haven’t slept in weeks
This new found consciousness
Is driving me to think
My eyes have never been this open
But I don’t like what I see

I’ll be driving through your town
On my way to Winnipeg
I should be there by sun down
I could use a place to stay
It be so nice to see you
If that’s ok

But pardon me
If I make for poor company tonight
The road can way heavy on a mind
I apologize if the conversations light
So pardon me

I’m so tired of walking
Down this crowded road
Full of loss souls and conmen
And broken heart winos
All watching the pretty ones
Light up the night

Do you still have that old
Simply Red 45
Put it on and I’ll pour us
A couple glasses of wine
We can hold back the years
If only for awhile

But pardon me
If I make for poor company tonight
The road can way heavy on a mind
I apologize if the conversations light
So pardon me
If you don’t know the man in front of you
You know I struggle to recognize him to
A hard luck modern day fool
Sol pardon me

Is it a blessing
To finally know the truth
Or is it a curse
To know the real you

So pardon me
If I make for poor company tonight
The road can weigh heavy on a mind
I apologize if the concessions light
So pardon me
If you don’t know the man in front of you
You know I struggle to recognize him to
A hard luck modern day fool
So pardon me
So pardon me
So pardon me

Mark Cantwil

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