Uncool Music Conversations with Andy & Art

The fabled rock music critic Lester Bangs once wrote that “the only currency in this bankrupt world is what you share with someone when you are uncool.” That idea of sharing your passion as honestly and directly as you can became the basis of a new effort.

Today our first episode of the new podcast ‘Uncool Music Conversations with Andy & Art’ is available at Anchor and Spotify.

The purpose of the podcast is to explore music in deep conversation. Andrew Hunt, the original host of The Local Show on WUDR, and our own Dr. J have been talking about launching a podcast for quite some time. And now we believe that the time is right. The point is to have fun in investigating local music, Dayton music, the music we love and the reason we feel called to that music. These are two nerdy music fans want to find a way to take the necessary time, roll up their sleeves and push themselves to show everyone that music matters and that music chooses you. A podcast gives the opportunity to untangle the complexity that surrounds music and the reasons that we love it so much.

We hope that you will join us in this exploration into the heart of music, song creation and performance.

If you have any interest in being in a future episode of the Uncool Music Convo podcast, please reach out to us! We are on twitter at uncoolmusiccon1 and instagram at uncoolmusicconvo.

YTAA YouTube Channel

Your Tuesday Afternoon Alternative has a YouTube Channel where you can watch past shows, interviews and live performances on #YTAA! Dr. J also adds videos about doing YTAA, his record collection and music! If there is something you wish to see, let us know!

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