What is your song of the Summer?

P1020764Is it too late to choose a song of the summer? Are there any strong contenders? Thoughts? It does seem that every year there is an effort to say one song perfectly captures the feeling of the season? Is it wrong to always want to the song of the summer to be Alice Cooper’s ‘Schools Out’? What is your song for summer 2019? Or have you not picked one yet?

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Song for a Sunday Morning

Publicity shot of R.E.M. 1986

Time for a thoughtful song as we approach thoughtful times.  One of the overlooked songs from R.E.M. was the ninth track on Life’s Rich Pageant (1986, re-released in 1998).  This song asked the listener to pause and take a moment to reflect upon their actions and the effects of their actions on others.  A refrain heard on several other songs from Life’s Rich Pageant.  Without being preachy or overbearing, this song asked an important question about the kind of community that we all want to inhabit and in which we live our lives.

“What If We Give It Away?”

On the outside, underneath the wall
All the money couldn’t buy
You’re mistaken, no one’s standing there
For the record, no one triedOh, I try to
What if we give it away?Overlooking with a hollow eye
What’s pretending isn’t right
Eye for order, a hand for what’s in line
Couldn’t follow, couldn’t writeOh, I try to
What if we give it away?

And our life is fine here
Stitch it on your tie here

Here’s the trailer, Tom
A year has come and gone
We’re not moving, wasn’t right
Take the order, sew it on your tie
We couldn’t follow, couldn’t try

Oh, I try to
What if we give it away?
What if we give it away?