What is your song of the Summer?

P1020764Is it too late to choose a song of the summer? Are there any strong contenders? Thoughts? It does seem that every year there is an effort to say one song perfectly captures the feeling of the season? Is it wrong to always want to the song of the summer to be Alice Cooper’s ‘Schools Out’? What is your song for summer 2019? Or have you not picked one yet?

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One thought on “What is your song of the Summer?

  1. Hi Dr. J … I have a quick “Song of the Summer” story for you. In your post above you mention Alice Cooper’s ‘Schools Out’ song. Well, back in 1988, The Connells played a county-wide high school graduation event in Raleigh, NC and I happened to be a volunteer chaperone that evening. One of the cover songs they played that night was Alice Cooper’s ‘Schools Out’ !!! I’ll never forget it because I remember thinking that here was one of my favorite alternative bands playing a hard rocking tune from the 70’s!

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