Sleep Fleet Celebrates Release of New EP

Image So far the new year in Dayton has brought great music around town for us all to enjoy!  This weekend is no exception!

On Saturday, February 1st, Sleep Fleet returns to Dayton after six months – a time far too long for music fans.  The Sleep Fleeters are releasing their brand shiny and new EP, Hudson & High, at a show at Blind Bob’s in our fine city.  The album courtesy of the fine folks at Brain Candy Records is available at the band’s bandcamp page and is not to be missed.

Brat CurseSleep Fleet is joined by the dynamic new trio Brat Curse! Their new self-titled record is another great new release for 2014!  These ex-Pharohs musicians play a pop-tinged punk that is a reminder of the excitement of the D-I-Y and post-punk movements before alternative became commercial!

Dear fawn LogoDayton’s own Dear Fawn will be playing their first set with their all new five-person line up!   You can hear some of Dear Fawn’s fine songs from their terrific CD, I Played the Queen on the band’s Soundcloud page!  This is another new band that promises to be another great addition to our music scene.

Track List for Hudson & High

Sleep Fleet Hudson and High

1. I Wanted It All 02:04
2. I’ll Stay 02:49
3. Happy Alone 02:55
4. Chief 02:10
5. Three Sides 02:18
6. Why Don’t You Want Me? 02:39

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