Bottlecap Mountain is on the show today!

One of Dr. J’s favorite bands, Bottlecap Mountain, will be in Dayton on Tuesday, March 28, 2023, and that is a cause for celebration.

After a visit to Your Tuesday Afternoon Alternative for an interview and some live acoustic songs during our second hour they will play a set at Blind Bob’s in Dayton tonight!

Imagine a great indie pop rock band with a side of funk and a Replacements meet Uncle Tupelo vibe. This is a band that has no problem stepping into various genres and styles — Folk, Indie, Americana, Rock, or even Power Pop — with a sense of humor and sly social commentary served with a side of melody.

Do not let the band’s playfulness disguise the lyrically rich storytelling and musicianship that they can demonstrate in a single song like ‘Canoe’ or ‘Dream On, Come On’. The bass lines, keyboard, and slashing guitar on ‘AstralFunk’ show how the band can make a slinky funky tune that will carry you along. “Resurrection Blues’ has a powerful pull that recalls Folk and Americana at their most urgent. And this band rocks! ‘My Little Demon’ is an honestly heavy, bluesy confection that urges all of us to soulful reflection.

Their latest album is a well-made affair while keeping a whimsical look at the subjects of everyday life. They are tight, and not afraid of crunchy guitars, bubbly bass, and a keyboard foundation which is a real pleasure. In fact, one of the strengths of the band is the ability to move from quiet to loud or vice versa without being jarring or precious. The vocals on the record are nothing short of perfect. This is a record to be played loudly and often.

Come see the Austin, Texas quartet play songs from their sixth album ‘O! Fantastik Melancholy’ at Blind Bob’s tonight!

Show time with Nicholas Johnson

We were fortunate to be able to see a knock-your-socks-off set at Blind Bob’s in Dayton from Nicholas Johnson who is finishing up a punishing schedule of shows in support of his latest record, Shady Pines Vol. 2.

Coming to town with The Pinkerton Raid and joined by hometown heroes, Age Nowhere – he played one heck of a show featuring music from not only the new record but the excellent Back Upstate and Shady Pines Vol. 1!

Before the show, we spoke with him about the tour and we were amazed that he not only played the classic one show a night but also played multiple shows on the same day in different towns. However, you would never know the demanding itinerary for the tour from his performance. He was energetic and charismatic which drew the crowd into the experience because of his enthusiasm.

If you ever have a chance to see a Nicholas Johnson show. Do it. You will not be disappointed.

Nicholas Johnson in Dayton!

What a Night!

On September 16th, Nick Kizirnis, Kyleen Downes, and Isicle played a stellar show for us at Your Tuesday Afternoon Alternative and several classes from the University of Dayton at the Yellow Cab Tavern. It was a fantastic show full of amazing music and spectacular performances! Thank you, Nick, Kyleen, and Isicle! All photos by Tom Gilliam Photography!

Cool Show Alert! The 1984 Draft always Best Friends Forever

We have good news for you Music Friends!

The new year begins with all of the vibrancy of a guitar on overload! And that is because the latest full-length album from the power-pop-punk of the Joe Anderl-led The 1984 Draft arrives this week on January 19th! The Dayton quartet’s latest record will remind you that music does still matter and perhaps it means even more today. The new album combines the urgency of The Smoking Popes with the intensity of Bob Mould’s post-Husker Du project, Sugar, thrown headlong into the pure and direct heartbreak of The Replacements. The Draft plays every song like their lives depend on it.

The first two singles await your listening pleasure now via streaming!

The new record comes our way courtesy of the fine music-loving folks at Dayton, Ohio-based Poptek Records with assistance from Sell the Heart Records and Engineer Records (in the UK and EU). You can order the 12″ vinyl now or get a copy at the big record-release show in Dayton on January 20 at the legendary Yellow Cab Tavern. And we highly recommend that you go to the concert!

And speaking of that show, The Draft has invited friends and sonic heroes like Josh Caterer (Smoking Popes), Paige Beller, Shane Sweeney (Two Cow Garage), Josh Goldman (The Raging Nathans), Narrow/Arrow, Abiyah, and Josh Arnold to play the record release celebration. Best friends forever, indeed!

Time is running out to make your plans! But today is your lucky day because we are here to help! You can scoop up your advance tickets now and save $5 off the admission to the Yellow Cab Tavern in Dayton by grabbing that ticket a few days before the big show. Be a friend of The Draft and get a ticket now.

Winterfolk is Back!

Cold, right now? Check. Grey skies… look outside, yup. And Winterfolk! Yeah.

Need something to do this weekend? One of our pals and the Golden Voice of Dayton Roots Music Mr. Harold Hensley has put together another blow-the-roof-off shows! If you have had the good fortune to be able to attend a past Winter Folk then you know that this is a music event that you miss at your peril. You will kick yourself for quite some time if you miss this event.

As always Winterfolk is back with an incredible collection of artists at the Yellow Cab Tavern this Saturday, January 14th! In celebration of this annual concert of Folk, Bluegrass, and Americana we will be playing music from many of the artists on Your Tuesday Afternoon Alternative today — The Shady Pine, Harold Hensley & His Band, California Howdy, Cory Breth, Kyleen Downes, and Derek Gooley!

Info: The cover starts at 7pm, music starts at 8pm, and tickets are $12 in advance and $15 at the doors. All ages are welcome with a guardian. Discounted presale tickets end at Midnight on January 13th so get yourself a ticket right away!

You can buy the presale tickets at Ten High Productions!

7000Apart in Dayton

We often say that any day of the week you can experience great music in our fine community of Dayton, Ohio and that was clearly demonstrated as truth last night with 7000Apart, K.Carter and Mike Bankhead playing Blind Bob’s. 7000Apart is on tour right now! If you have a chance to see any of these terrific artists, do it! Support Your Local Music Scene!

7000Apart, K.Carter and Mike Bankhead playing Blind Bob's in Dayton.

Indie Rock Cinco De Mayo Fiesta 2019

The 2nd Annual “Indie Rock Fest/Cinco De Mayo Fiesta” was amazing this year and the line up was simply fantastic. While a day before the Cinco, it was a show full of good vibes, great music and a heck of a party. To call it jam packed really does not cover all of the musical goodness from the local community packed under one roof! Bands covered Americana, shoe gaze, rock and Indie Rock and Roll. Many thanks to the bands who played — A Voice of Your Own, The Boxcar Suite, The Typical Johnsons, The 1984 Draft, Neo-American Pioneers, Slow Glows and Kyleen Downes.