Video of The Day: Quiet Signals – Quiet Signals

Quiet Signals is Dayton Musician, Guitarist, and accomplished songwriter Nick Kizirnis has joined forces with Lung‘s Kate Wakefield for a lovely and haunting collaboration on guitar and cello. The instrumental music is dreamy, swirling, and yet gentle with an embrace of familiarity and kinship. The song takes an unexpected turn around a little before the four-minute mark and feels heavy, sinister burdened with dark intent that the listener was not expecting in the previous three minutes. The song ends on an aural cliffhanger leaving the journey unresolved.

Clearly, the duo’s previous work on KizirnisThe Distance, while quite different than the current project, has allowed these two gifted musicians to generate their own sonic language. And Quiet Signals is in so many ways soft and tumultuous. We look forward to more music from them in the future.

Nick Kizirnis – guitar
Kate Wakefield – cello

from the album “Quiet Signals” released February 17, 2023.
Nick Kizirnis/Nicky Kay Music BMI

@NickKizirnis (YouTube channel)
@katewakefield1637 (YouTube channel)