Andy Smith’s Short Takes

Short TakesToday’s Short Takes comes courtesy of Dayton songwriter Andy Smith. We call Andy the ‘Mayor of Tune Town’ for his amazing approach to melody. He has been in several projects including Andrew and The Pretty Punchers with their incredible ‘Goodbye Ohio’ to projects such as Me Time with their most recent single “Catch Your Eyeand the full length Vol. 2. Andy has a rare lyrical gift that makes his music sound timeless. Check out their bandcamp page for more music!

What are you listening to right now? Little Ann – “Deep Shadows.” I always love “discovering” overlooked soul from the 60’s and Little Anne’s “Deep Shadows” may be the crown jewel. The songs, recordings, and her vocal performance are all unbelievable. The title track, “What Should I Do”, and “Who Are You Trying to Fool?” are standout tracks from the vinyl release but it’s solid all the way through. A true gem. 

Paint – “Spiritual Vegas.” One of the newer albums I’ve been really enjoying is “Spiritual Vegas” by Paint. It’s the side project of the lead guitar player from the Allah-Las. It feels old and new simultaneously, which I like. The standout track for me is “Land Man” but the whole album has a nice flow to it. 

Hailu Mergia & Dahlak Band – “Wede Harer Ouzo.” Though I haven’t listened to this album very recently it was on heavy rotation for a solid year for me. I’ve never been a huge world music guy, but there’s something different about this album. The lo-fi recording, the group choruses, and Mergia’s intense organ playing had me revisiting the whole album over and over again. “Bati Bati” and “Minlbelesh” are a couple favorite but I feel like this album is best listened to in it’s entirety. Perfect for cleaning the house, taking a drive, or being alive. 

Jack Name – “Magic Touch.” I preordered this album after hearing the first single “Karolina” one time. I think that song is magical. The rest of the album held up, too. It’s a sad, thoughtful record. The vocals were recorded very close-up so it sounds extra personal and introspective. Another great release from my current go-to record label, Mexican Summer

YTAA Monster Many thanks to Andy for sharing what he has been listening to with us!

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Let’s talk about New Music!

10154059_312213408932650_1750551554015570035_nNew show… new stuff… new music… some musicians calling to chat.  Fun topics. 3-6pm and sometimes a little earlier than 3pm on or 99.5 and 98.1 fm in ol’ Dayton, Ohio!

This week we announce the YTAA Book Read winner, talk about the new ‘I Saved Latin’ compilation of indie artists covering music that has been in Wes Anderson films, and play tons of new music. We have even been known to play some really cool local music too. Could happen. Bets are on even money… ah, who are we kidding? Of course we are going to play some terrific local music too!

download (2)Expect a show review about the Me Time and The Judy Blooms show this past Saturday night! — more info can be found here: Me Time & The Judy Blooms @ Jimmie’s Ladder 11

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