Let’s talk about New Music!

10154059_312213408932650_1750551554015570035_nNew show… new stuff… new music… some musicians calling to chat.  Fun topics. 3-6pm and sometimes a little earlier than 3pm on WUDR.udayton.edu or 99.5 and 98.1 fm in ol’ Dayton, Ohio!

This week we announce the YTAA Book Read winner, talk about the new ‘I Saved Latin’ compilation of indie artists covering music that has been in Wes Anderson films, and play tons of new music. We have even been known to play some really cool local music too. Could happen. Bets are on even money… ah, who are we kidding? Of course we are going to play some terrific local music too!

download (2)Expect a show review about the Me Time and The Judy Blooms show this past Saturday night! — more info can be found here: Me Time & The Judy Blooms @ Jimmie’s Ladder 11

So, what are you doing from 3-6pm on a Tuesday that is so darn important anyway…? Join the talented Mrs Dr. J and that guy… Dr. J for Your Tuesday Afternoon Alternative Popthrillz---Alternative

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