YTAA Record Store Day Report

ImageJoin the talented Mrs. Dr. J and her affable co-host Dr. J for a final discussion of Record Store Day, recent performances, new music, and other indie music necessities. The doctors will be joined by Andy Ingram talking about his latest project XL427 which we are very much enjoying — you should check out their Yesterday’s Forever EP. yesterdaysforever

We will be playing new music from Phosphorescent, The Lost Patrol, Low, Tim Pritchard and the Boxcar Suite, Steve Earle & The Dukes (& Duchesses), Beirut, Purling Hiss, Motel Beds, Son Volt, George Huntley, Good English, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Underground Lovers, Sictor Valdana and The Check This Outs, The Rosy Shades, The Laurels, Broken Social Scene, Fourth of July, Wax Idols, Beth Current, and Broadheds.  Also expect a few surprising indie classics for your Tuesday.

Crowd at RSD 2013 Shake It Records in Cincinnati
Crowd at RSD 2013 Shake It Records in Cincinnati
R.E.M. Record Store Day 2013
R.E.M. releases live in Greensboro with the 1989 Patch!

We will also be playing music from great Record Store Day finds such as Iron & Wine, some live music from R.E.M., Wussy’s Duo which you could only get at Shake It Records in Cincinnati, and more!  So, call in this Tuesday — 937-229-2774 — and tell us about your RSD experiences.  What bands did you see?  What music did you find?  How many new friends did you make?

We saw Good English — pictured above — play a rousing set at Omega Music in Dayton which really got our RSD started!  Expect us to be talking about the new music that is forthcoming from the Rasmussen sisters!

Join us this Tuesday Afternoon for some great independent music on WUDR from 3-6pm! blogger-image--2108238161

April 16th – Your Post Tax Day Music Show


Image Join us this Tuesday as we all heal after tax day with some great music from The Lost Patrol, The Farewell Circuit, They Might Be Giants, Buffalo Killers, Guided by Voices, The Great Divide, Iron and Wine, and much more.We will be playing some fun covers from the new John Denver tribute — The Music is You. We will be talking about Record Store Day and the many great band performances to catch in Dayton, Columbus, and Cincinnati.  If you are looking for information where you call space home, check out the Record Store Day website.

Expect our review of the Dear Fawn debut and new CDs that we have been spinning at the J-HQ. Give us a call, tweet, or email about the music that you are listening to right now!

Remember – 937-229-2774 or drjwudr on twitter or gmail. See you soon!