New Show tomorrow!

Hello Dear Friends!

We are back. Due to various circumstances, there was a bit of a lag on the Your Tuesday Afternoon Alternative blog. But we are happy to say that we are back to regular posts, columns, commentary and reviews. The last few months of 2020 was difficult for all of us for so many reasons — and we will not rehash all of those challenges here — however, we feel the need to let you know that we are indeed going to regularly write about indie music, local bands and much more in the new year that is upon us!

It is our sincere hope that you have found and will continue to find ways to support local music until such time as we can all safely attend concerts, shows and events again. We highly recommend supporting local establishments, venues, bars and spaces that provided opportunity for artists and musicians to share their music and song with all of us.

We will continue to “see” you every Tuesday from 3-6pm on WUDR Flyer Radio for Your Tuesday Afternoon Alternative!

Best to all, – Dr. J

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