WUDR Temporary Shut Down

Hello Everyone!

As you may know the University of Dayton, which holds the licenses for WUDR, is having a challenging time with finances due to the Coronavirus crisis that we are all experiencing.

Due to cost cutting measures, the university is temporarily going silent with WUDR beginning tomorrow, April 30. This means that until the station restarts broadcasting there will be no Your Tuesday Afternoon Alternative on WUDR. It is the university’s hope that broadcasting can resume in the fall and that this interim period will be short-lived.

During this time, Your Tuesday Afternoon Alternative will continue as a blog, social media effort, Spotify playlist and other initiatives. While so many others are dealing with life and death consequences, it seems petty to mourn the temporary halt to this program on WUDR. This show is a privilege and honor to create each week for listeners.

Moreover, the opportunity to share local and independent music remains our passion. We will find creative ways to share content while in this interim period. Stay safe and be well.

Best to everyone, – Art Jipson (Dr. J)

your-tuesday-afternoon-alternative-color copy

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