Dayton’s music is rooted in love

A terrific run down of Dayton area shows this weekend and more!

Dayton Music Insider

This week was tough on the Dayton music scene. It’s been sad and appalling to witness the witch hunt and public persecution of one of our own. Instead of throwing stones, I’ve taken a moment to self reflect, and realize the impact that our words have. They have the incredible power to both uplift and inspire, and on the other side, the power to destroy and devastate.

I’d love for us all to take a collective deep breath, and start this weekend with a renewed spirit of understanding and forgiveness. Music has an amazing way of bringing people together, and this weekend I hope it does just that.

One of the beautiful ways to do that is by attending “Rooted in Love” – a benefit to help support a breast cancer patient in Dayton. That event, among many others, reminds me that this scene is at it’s roots, comes from a place of love. Let’s…

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