YTAA Thinks Outside the Show Box

DSC05139Hi there!  Remember us?  Your Tuesday Afternoon Alternative has been on the air all Summer and now we are approaching the Fall.  Some of us are excited about new music and colder temperatures and some of us are just excited about new music.

There are several great shows to talk about happening in Dayton, Columbus and Cincinnati in the next few weeks including Dayton Music Fest which promises to be smashing this year!  There is MidPoint Music Festival happening in Cincinnati in a few weeks with so many great indie bands — everything from The Afghan Whigs to Wussy to Real Estate and more!  Then there are some celebrations of milestones in music with HEXADIODE and Curse of Cassandra joining a 15 year celebration of My Latex Brain this weekend!  And the 20th anniversary of Dayton’s own Shrug which will leave everyone happy regardless of the weather outside!  And then there is our new favorite band Left & Right in Columbus on Wednesday!  Then back in Dayton we have Cherry Lee and the Hot Rod Hounds and oh so much more to talk about!  Do not forget the Telephone Party at The “Old” Yellow Cab building this weekend and Sidestravaganza at South Park Tavern on Saturday in the Gem City!  This is not the end of the list folks, at best we have just scratched the surface on a few of the shows that we will discuss on the ol’ YTAA show from 3-6pm (e) tomorrow on the radio dial or ‘puter stream!

We will also examine the year 1989 in Mrs. Dr. J’s year block! And hey did you know that Chuck Klosterman is visiting our area in a week? We know!   Popthrillz---Alternative

Join Mrs. Dr. J and Dr. J for another show of music you just will not hear anywhere else!  We promise it will be fun.  Or something.  


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