Show time with Nicholas Johnson

We were fortunate to be able to see a knock-your-socks-off set at Blind Bob’s in Dayton from Nicholas Johnson who is finishing up a punishing schedule of shows in support of his latest record, Shady Pines Vol. 2.

Coming to town with The Pinkerton Raid and joined by hometown heroes, Age Nowhere – he played one heck of a show featuring music from not only the new record but the excellent Back Upstate and Shady Pines Vol. 1!

Before the show, we spoke with him about the tour and we were amazed that he not only played the classic one show a night but also played multiple shows on the same day in different towns. However, you would never know the demanding itinerary for the tour from his performance. He was energetic and charismatic which drew the crowd into the experience because of his enthusiasm.

If you ever have a chance to see a Nicholas Johnson show. Do it. You will not be disappointed.

Nicholas Johnson in Dayton!