Listen to YTAA on Reveal & TuneIn

TuneInHey! Did you know that Reveal radio is now on TuneIn?  You can listen there if that’s your sort of thing.  YTAA is on every Wednesday from 2-5pm!  And there are plenty of other great shows on Reveal too! Do not worry, we still have a show on WUDR every Tuesday from 3-6pm where you can hear an all new Your Tuesday Afternoon Alternative!

Hey, we pass no judgement on how you find your music.  We are just here to help.

To listen to Reveal there are no many ways for how you can do it….
Live365 page:
Reveal Website:

You can also paste one of the following links into your preferred media player if thatStudio works better for how you listen to music.


Everyday YTAA!

The fine folks at Reveal Radio have created a Mixcloud that allows you to listen to past Your Tuesday Afternoon Alternative shows!  New shows will be posted a few days after they air on Wednesdays from 2-5pm on  And don’t forget the old show time Tuesday 3-6pm on WUDR.

Reveal Mixcloud



Reveal Show 4 Set List


Several folks have asked for our set lists for the new Wednesday afternoon edition of Your Tuesday Afternoon Alternative on Reveal.  So, who are we to stand in the way of progress, right?  The document link takes you to the July 5, 2017 program set list.

YTAA Reveal Show 4 Set List

Remember that if you have any comments or suggestions about the set lists for the Tuesday OR Wednesday edition of the program, you can reach us at gmail and twitter at drjytaa.  Please do send thoughts our way!  If you have music you would like us to consider just contact us via our social media!  So long as you all see value in these set lists, we will share them with you all!  Cheers!