Kyle and Don of Smug Brothers Talk Woodpecker Paradise on YTAA


This week we have some more of our favorite Daytonian musicians stopping by for a discussion of their new music!  Kyle Melton and Don Thrasher of Smug Brothers have a new record Woodpecker Paradise coming out very soon on Gas Daddy Go Records and we all could not be happier!  HUMAN CANNONBALL SMUG BROTHERS and FORAGE at BLIND BOB’S in the home of Flyers distant and near the Oregon District of Dayton!

So join Mrs. Dr. J and her constant musical companion Dr. J as we listen to the new record, talk to Don and Kyle, and play loads of other new music for you because we love you all very much.

Don’t forget to send us questions for these two fine musical gentlemen at or hey… you could call in at 937-229-2774. Tweet us at drjwudr with your suggestions and requests.  Remember 3-6pm eastern time zone so calibrate your TARDIS on!

See you tomorrow music lovers!  As The Smug Bros would say… salute!


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