Fifteen Days and Counting…

SmugBrothers_WoodpeckerParadise_Cover_PHOTOCREDIT_rawersDayton’s own SMUG BROTHERS “WOODPECKER PARADISE” is coming out in fifteen days on 2.24.14 on the indie GAS DADDY GO! RECORDS

And this release will be out on CD and Digital download which is a new form for GDG!  And we could not be more excited. Really. Its exciting for all lovers of great indie music!

From the Press Release: “Following the one ­two punch of the 2014 releases “Strictly Triggers” [EP] and “On the Way to the Punchline,” Smug Brothers spent the summer and fall recording to 4­track in guitarist Kyle Melton’s home studio and touring out in support of their recent releases, reaching out to new audiences in Philadelphia, Louisville, Indianapolis, Morgantown, WV, and Fort Wayne, IN.

A chance conversation with ex­-Smug Brother, current Motel Beds guitarist, and Dayton engineer extraordinaire Darryl Robbins led toward the fruition of “Woodpecker Paradise.” After submitting a batch of 35 demos to Robbins for consideration, nine were hand-­selected and the Smug Bros set to work as a quartet, recording the album live in just two sessions.

In the course of the band’s 10 ­year history, this is the first time an entire album was recorded live by all its members. The results are fresh and impulsive, urgent and commanding. While the record’s sound is singular and consistent, the material remains eclectic, as has been the trademark of the Smugs since the beginning. From the restrained ­yet­ anthemic indie rock of lead track “Meet A Changing World” to the esoteric “One Question Too Many” to the fragmented 60s pop of “Venus Out at Night,” Smug Brothers run through a myriad of sounds over the course of “Woodpecker Paradise” while retaining their singular voice throughout.”


You can find the Smug Brothers on all the social media!

So, you may want to keep eyes peeled for more information on this fine band!  You can sleep easy knowing that the Dr. J’s will be all over this so you will not miss a thing!

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