Countdown to Ten… A Decade of Your Tuesday Afternoon Alternative

Canal Street Tavern Wall

We begin our celebration of ten years of YTAA this week with music over the last ten years of the radio show! Expect great new, indie, local, Dayton, and alternative music today! And we will preview our up coming 10th anniversary show on November 21st!

Next week Tod Weidner from The Motel Beds will be on the show as we gear up for a terrific musical celebration of a decade of independent radio!

Expect some music from the new Boxcar Suite songs and we promise that we will be playing some of them today! Because they are amazing! Tim Pritchard and the Boxcar Suite!  You can also support that band here as they get ready to release ‘Across the Vast & Deep.’

Join Dr. J and Mrs. Dr. J as we preview, dance, and new and a decade of independent music!


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