Who Wants to Listen to Music Alone? A Collective Conversation on YTAA

DSC05534What is the first thought that you have when a great song comes along? As you listen to it over and over again…does excitement build? Do you start dancing? And, be honest –Don’t names of friends pop into your head? And why is that?

When you hear a great song it captures your attention and often the first thought you have is that you want — need — to share it! A great tune leads ultimately to the need to be shared. Well that is what we are going to do this week. In addition to playing new songs, we are talking to musicians about their music and what is it about music that makes it such a collective — community experience.

Starving in the Belly of the WhaleRicky Terrell of Starving in the Belly of the Whale and Dave Zup will join us in the studio to talk about upcoming shows, projects, and their interpretation on the collective power of music. Ricky will be talking about the upcoming release of the crowd-funded Missionaries and Impostors; and he’ll give us all the info on the release show!

And as always expect new and classic indie tunes!  You can help shape the show by tweeting Dr. J at drjwudr or you can email us at drjwudr on the ol’ gmail.  And for those who prefer to use the phone – you can always call into the show at 937-229-2774!

So, join us this Tuesday from 3-6pm as we talk about new songs, some recent shows, upcoming releases, and the need to share music!


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