Support WUDR Radio by eating…

WUDR studio

Ok, so this brief essay is a little self serving.

Now that we have that warning out of the way… this Thursday, January 19th you need to visit the ArtStreet Cafe at the University of Dayton from 7:00-9:00pm and order some delicious food.  WUDR is holding their annual fund raiser to both support Flyer Radio and the annual WUDR spring concert series and — this is the part that you are really going to enjoy — create an opportunity for members of our community to talk to the DJs and others involved in a student-organized independent radio station!  WUDR is the home of our program, Your Tuesday Afternoon Alternative and several other fine programs that spotlight Dayton bands, musicians, and local concerts.  So, if you are thirsty for a smoothie or hungry for a sandwich this Thursday evening, you know where you should go satisfy your cravings and support a local radio station that is not part of a huge super mega corporate entity that is programmed and controlled by people far far away.

The only thing you have to lose is a little time and your thirst or hunger or both.

Tell them that Dr. J sent you!

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