Dayton Most Metro Article on Dr. J

Art-JipsonWe want to thank DaytonMostMetro and Tommy Johnson for writing such a nice article on our Dr. J (Art Jipson): Still Teaching Us After 10 Years Being On-Air | Dayton Most Metro

Remember our 10th anniversary show will be broadcast on WUDR from 10pm to 1am this Friday!  Or if you find yourself in Dayton on Friday night you can join us at the University of Dayton McGinnis Multipurpose room and watch The Motel Beds and Ghost Town Silence (formerly The Rebel Set) play to a packed house!

You can always tweet us on twitter at drjwudr! Or visit our Facebook Group page!

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Tod Weidner Helps Us Celebrate Ten Years of YTAA

Very Final Band_Poster_CJS_final (2)_Page_03Fine fellow and great musician Tod Weidner joins Your Tuesday Afternoon Alternative this week as we celebrate 10 years of the show. Tod plays in some mighty special Dayton bands – SHRUG and The Motel Beds! The ‘Beds will play our tenth anniversary show this Friday with Ghost Town Silence!

You can expect music from all of those bands as well as an assortment of new tunes and music that spans the anniversary of the show!  Ten years gives us quite a bit to fall back on for the set list but you can always suggest songs and bands by connecting with us on twitter or gmail at drjwudr.  And, hey remember those old analog ways of making connections?  Sure, us too.  Give us a call during the show at 937-229-2774 – we would love to hear from you.

So, join us Tuesday, November 18 from 3-6pm on WUDR and then come to the anniversary concert on Friday from 10pm -1am at the Very Final Band_Poster_CJS_final (2)_Page_04McGinnis MultiPurpose room at the University of Dayton. Remember if you can’t make the concert although you should – you can catch it on the live stream at because who loves ya?  Yeah we know that was way too much.  What can we say?  You have excellent taste in music and radio programming!

10th Anniversary show is coming soon… real soon… in a matter of days!

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The Self and Community in the Twenty-First Century LLC in collaboration with WUDR Flyer Radio are hosting a Late Night Concert Event to Celebrate 10 Years of Your Tuesday Afternoon Alternative as our final C21 LLC music event for the Fall 2014 semester.
Co-sponsored by the Center for Student Involvement, the College of Arts and Sciences, ArtStreet, the Social Science Departments and Programs (Communications, Criminal Justice Studies, Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work) and the Department of English this program is a late night concert featuring two Dayton bands, The Motel Beds and Ghost Town Silence.  All semester first year students in the social sciences have been attending C21 LLC events focused around the theme of self identity, music, and community.  This event brings two outstanding Dayton bands who have released new music in 2014 to the University of Dayton campus.  The concert will be held at the McGinnis MultiPurpose room from 10pm to 1:30am.  A Facebook event page is ready for all who seek.
Social media hashtags for the event include: #c21llc #YTAA #WUDR #UDLATENIGHT