Tyler Trent and Tim Krug of Brainiac

This week was extra special with guests Tyler Trent and Tim Krug of Brainiac in the studio to discuss the release after several decades of music that Brainiac was working on right before the passing of Timmy Taylor.

It was a powerful yet fun discussion with them. We celebrated the music of the band and discussed reunion shows including a tour in Europe with Mogwai. After over 25 years, enthusiasm around the music and art made by Brainiac continues.

Following the incredible 2019 Transmissions After Zero documentary made by Eric Mahoney about the band, interest was generated among a new generation of fans. Several recently unearthed archival releases from Touch and Go Records — ‘Attic Tapes’ and ‘From Dayton, Ohio’ both released in 2021 continue to build interest.

The surviving band members: Tyler Trent (drums), John Schmersal (guitar), and Juan Monasterio (bass) return to celebrate the music joined by Tim Krug of Oh Condor and Hexadiode abling stepping in to help the band reimagine that music for a new audience. As the Predator Nominate EP demonstrates even in the form of demos, the forward-thinking musical chaos of Braniac continues to resonate once more for both a new generation and long-time fans alike. 

The new Predator Nominate EP is available now wherever you get music.

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