Babbling April’s “Farewell Dayton” Party

We learned a few weeks ago that Dave and Vivienne of Babbling April will be leaving the Gem City for new jobs in Washington DC at the end of March. And while we informed them that this has to be some kind of mistake.  They assure us that they have to take this opportunity.  So, Dayton got together last night it was time for one last hurrah for Babbling April as-we-know-them, featuring some of Dayton’s finest bands.

We saw It’s People, of course Babbling April played a terrific set, the always energetic Speaking Suns and the fantastic Manray!

The farewell party was held in the Fire Blocks District of downtown Dayton where we all hope to develop a DIY space for bands to play as well as other cultural events in the city –spoken word performance, alternative lectures, rallies and more. There was no cover charge, but donations were accepted to raise money for the bands that so graciously gave up their time to play for all of us! 

Babbling April will return. But until then here is a clip of Babbling April doing a Pixies cover!  So fun! 

ALT Monster

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