New Show, featuring The Turnback

Turnback bandYou know the drill.  Its Tuesday.  Time for another Your Tuesday Afternoon Alternative on WUDR from 3-6pm!

Today on YTAA we are featuring the indie power pop of The Turnback!  Their new record, Are We There Yet? has the perfect combination of solid rock melody, deft harmonies, and well written lyrics backed up with a solid guitar, bass, and drums attack!  Goldmine has a terrific review that we could not agree with more!

All too often music curmudgeons lament the end of rock and roll – there is nothing to get excited about anymore.  Do these folks have ears? With bands like, The Turnback, we say that rock and roll is alive and well. We love the sound of ‘Five Days a Week’,’July’, and ‘A Place for Me’.  And the addition of The Beatles cover ‘Tomorrow Never Knows’ that moves past the psychedelia of the original and pulls out the core of that song with a Smithereens-garage rock sound that was deeply hidden in that classic track – we say that rock and roll is not just safe but full of energy!

Join us this Tuesday as we talk with members of The Turnback about their latest and most impressive album to date!

The TurnbackALT Monster

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