Last night we saw Frontier Folk Nebraska

1One of the amazing benefits of living in The Gem City – Dayton, Ohio is the opportunity to see so many terrific bands that simply blow you away and demonstrate the power of music!  One of those moments happened last week with Pure Acoustic at The Old Yellow Cab/Tavern!

This weekend we saw Salvadore Ross, Frontier Folk Nebraska and Human Cannonball at Blind Bob’s in the Oregon District of Dayton, Ohio.  And while all bands were fantastic, Frontier Folk Nebraska — from just down the road in Covington, KY — were powerful.  It was a great night of great songs, amazing guitar players, bouncing bass lines and some fine drumming from all three bands!   Remember in the words of Mrs. Dr. J:  “support your local music scene!” — its a lifestyle and a mantra of great music! 

5We have seen FFN several times in the past but last night the band demonstrated the reason that they are so damn good: great singing, tight and expressive harmonies, solid drumming, a bass line that just did not quit and, of course, fantastic guitar work!  We look forward to the band’s upcoming live record that was recorded at the Southgate house in Cincinnati and will be available within days!  You need this record.  You should go pre-order the record right now!  We did.  You will love this band and their fantastic songs!  Do not miss a chance to see them when they are out!  Trust us this band delivers the goods!

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