Saintseneca has New Holiday Song

Saintseneca New Coats“New Coats” by Saintseneca

One of our favorite bands on Your Tuesday Afternoon Alternative has some new music appropriate for the season!

Saintseneca’s new album ‘Such Things’ is available now.  You can download the album on iTunes!
Order the CD and vinyl. We highly recommend it.

Lyrics for “New Coats”

New coats waiting on the snow to fall
You soak up what little bit of this gift you can and roll your sleeves up

And sorry piano players hunt and punch their songs along a working instrument
The loose tooth grin shines back at them
And I’ve never heard the song
But I’m pretty sure I know how it ends

I was waiting on a warmer winter

Who did what?

Zac Little: vocals, autoharp, dulcimer, sitar, bass, synth, bowed bouzouki, guitar
Leticia Wiggins: flute

Recorded and mixed by Zac Little
Mastering by Chris Graham


Watch their Tiny Desk Concert

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