We give Thanks for Great Music: A YTAA Musicsgiving

PJ,-Ian,-TodMrs. Dr. J and Dr. J have a musicsgiving on the show this week. We give thanks for great independent music by playing an assortment of local, Dayton, and indie songs! What songs have been so powerful on you that you cannot imagine your world without them? So, give us a call 937-229-2774 or a tweet for drjwudr with the songs that matter to you.  We will be taking comments throughout the show.  What is it about music that moves us so?  Let us know your thoughts!

Expect new music from Donora, The Lost Patrol, Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors, The Pass, Lightouts, Christian O’Connor, Oh Honey, Manco, Expect some favorites from The Motel Beds, Ghost Town Silence, The Boxcar Suite, Vanity Theft and The New Old Fashioned!  We also have some classics from Gear Daddies, Jen Trynin, R.E.M., and much more!

So remember to join us this Tuesday from 3-6pm for Your Tuesday Afternoon Alternative on WUDR!  Listen online or 99.5/98.1 fm in the Dayton, OH region of the country!  However you do it, take some time today to give thanks for great music!  Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving on Thursday!


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