We cannot get enough of The Decade Runners!

We just had to share a recent discovery that we have made… The Decade Runners is a band that you must check out!  You need to hear tThe Decade Runners - The Rideheir amazing song, The Ride… and once you do — you will simply be unable to live without it.  How often does that really happen in music anymore?  We do not mean some corporate piece of music that you are told to love because executives are counting on sales of units.  No, we mean a song that once you hear it… the music hits you stronger than a slap upside the head.  You hear the guitars, the bouncy bass line, and a steady drum cadence that leaves you no choice.  No choice whatsoever.  You get up, you dance, you smile and you just close your eyes and find yourself transported by the music. A great song can do that.  A great song should do that!

The Decade Runners are a guitar-focused rock band with a perfect, captivating sound that seems all the more impossible when you find out how crushingly young the band members are for playing such complex melodies.  They sound like a band that is much older — and we mean that in a good way, alright! — than simply measured in years. As stated in their bio, The Decade Runners “came about as a result of three of the members being in the same class at school.”  And in true, Tom Hanksian – That Thing You Do fashion, the band wins a competition and they understand that they have some special on their hands.  And we believe that after you hear The Ride, you will believe that too.

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