We have not forgotten you: A new Your Tuesday Afternoon Alternative

Sam at Eleven – photo courtesy of DaytonMostMetro.com

This Tuesday we will be playing three hours of independent, local, and Dayton music for you! Our theme this week is remembrance. We will be exploring how music can create powerful memories, build connections between strangers, and why a song can all too easily transport you back to a moment in time.

We will be chatting with our friends Jeff Rudolf of Sam at Eleven and Tom Gilliam of The Rebel Set about the Cancer Benefit both bands played a few weeks back!

Expect music from Blank Tapes, Wild Nothing, The Rotaries, Apple Tree, Camera Obscura, Underground Lovers, The Men, Baby Bee, The Lost Patrol, Guided by Voices, Luke Frazier, Foals, Still Corners, and many more. Dr. J will also be playing demo of a classic song from The Replacements.

We are working on our next music book discussion — what book about music have you read recently that you would recommend for our next music book conversation? We will be putting up a poll on which book we should discuss. This is important — you, the listener and music lover can decide what book about bands, music, a music scene we should discuss! So, let us know and we will see you on Tuesday on WUDR!Image

On-Air Book Discussion

ImageWhat books about music do you recommend for our next book conversation? Past books we have discussed have included ‘Record Collecting for Girls’ by Courtney E. Smith, ‘Guided by Voices: A Brief History: Twenty-One Years of Hunting Accidents in the Forests of Rock and Roll’, ‘Waging Heavy Peace’ by Neil Young, and ‘Petal Pusher’ by Laurie Lindeen of Zuzu’s Petals. All terrific books by and about musicians.  What book would you recommend to Dr. and Mrs. J to read and then discuss on Your Tuesday Afternoon Alternative in a few weeks?

Come on… we need the suggestions folks!  We will then read and review the book on-air.  You can join the conversation.  Won’t that be fun!