Explore Dayton: Explosion of Local Music!

Vanity Theft playing First Friday at Riverscape
Vanity Theft playing First Friday at Riverscape

It is often assumed that there is no local music scene in Dayton. Dear music fans, nothing could be further from the truth! We have a literal explosion of new music from bands of numerous musical genres, approaches, and styles happening right now. Once the Gem City was considered the post-punk haven for groups such as Guided by Voices, Branniac, and The Breeders. Dayton has a long and significant music history of which the post-punk wave was but one trend in local music.

Today, we have bands playing in almost too many genres and styles to count. We have new music from The Fair Shakes, Bonneville, We Were Animals (from the previously power-pop dream of Ed vs. Radio), Vanity Theft, The Rebel Set, The Story Changes, the horror-rock of Splattertude, Hawthorne Heights, Me & Mountains, Night Beast, Toads and Mice, Motel Beds, Smug Brothers, and so much more.

We have many places to see bands and musicians are plying their trade in the Oregon District or throughout the city. If the assumption is that there is no growing and evolving music scene in Dayton, that is simply not correct. As someone who has conducted research on music scenes for several years (do not ask how many, I am just a little touchy about the age thing), I can honestly tell you that Dayton musicians have much to offer you. All you have to do is go listen.

You can go to several fine establishments to see bands play most nights of the week in the Gem City. And you should. Come on what do you have to lose except your preconceptions about how the limitations of Dayton music.

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Bonneville CD Release Show

Bonneville CD Release show!

Columbus-Dayton music guys, Bonneville, are releasing their brand new CD, Amy’s House, this  Saturday with a big ol’ musicalpaloosa spectacular at The Canal Street Tavern!  We have been playing Go Getter for about a month on Your Tuesday Afternoon Alternative — but there are several great tracks to enjoy off of this new CD!  We highly recommend that you get yourself a copy of this album.  The title track refers to the owner of the house where the record was recorded over four weekends.

You will enjoy the trademark tight harmonies of this young but polished local band!

They are touring right now — after this show they are playing in the Northeast — so check this blog for more information!  Of course, Bonneville also has a fine Facebook page that you might seek out for info!

And, if you do not have a cool Bonneville T-shirt, you can pick up at the show!