The I Don’t Cares

As many of you already know, Paul Westerberg is back with a new project with Juliana Hatfield of The Blake Babies called The I Don’t Cares. The album, Wild Stab, is a classic slice of Westerberg with a strong sense of melody as strengthened by Juliana Hatfield.  She always had a way with a melody.  And while Westerberg is one of the finest indie musicians, period.  His solo work has ranged all over the map.  So, it is nice to see him return to that Stonesy influenced post punk/indie that we all so deeply love.  And a great example of that is the reworking of a past Westerberg solo tune… Born for Me. 

Yeah, life is good.  New music from Paul Westerberg and Juliana Hatfield, a new Bob Mould record on the way; it’s an ok day.  What new music are you excited about?  Let us know at drjwudr over there on Twitter and Gmail. 

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