From our friends, The Brothers Kaschak!


A really terrific band has had their equipment stolen last night.  If you live in or have any connections in the Steuebenville, Ohio area, please do anything you can to keep an eye out for this equipment!  You can reach The Brothers Kaschak via Facebook.  Or you can email them at

URGENT: STEUBENVILLE: OUR CAR WAS BROKEN INTO AND OUR EQUIPMENT HAS BEEN STOLEN. What to look for: Black/Sunburst Alvarez acoustic-electric with a gold leaf pattern, Epiphone hollow-body electric (maroon), black acoustic-electric, Canon 5D Mark II, and an army green camera bag with 2 laptops. We were parked at the LOJ house when it happened. If we notice anything else was stolen, we’ll let you know. Keep your ear to the ground; we’ll be calling local pawn shops and checking Craig’s List for our stuff. Thank you so much for your help; God bless.  ALSO: Fender Telecaster with a sanded down top and Maroon side-binding in a brown rectangle hard-shell case. THANK YOU!!

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