Your Tuesday Afternoon Alternative Request Show

ImageWe are playing music by request from listeners to the show both near and far! So take some time to call 937-229-2774 or email or tweet us a request at drjwudr! We already have several requests lined up.  Let us know what you would like to hear! Your pals, – Dr. J and Mrs. Dr J

Up to Up-date!  A listener in Cincinnati just asked “why do a request show?”  Our answer:  We know what folks want to hear… not because of market research bs, or because that’s what they program in LA, or because that is what is “charting”, or some truly misguided sense of our own importance — we know because we asked and listeners told us what they wanted to hear.  And that is what we are playing tomorrow!  Because that is how radio is supposed to work! — Dr. J

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