March 9th Your Sunfried Dreams will become a Sunfried Reality

Motel_Beds_March9_flyer_webOur friend, The Motel Beds will be playing their great CD, Sunfried Dreams it its complete indie goodness on March 9th here in lovely and rockin’ downtown Dayton!  You should make whatever arrangements that you need to do in order to make sure that you can be there!

It boggles the mind but they have made their latest record, Dumb Gold, free to anyone who wants to download it.  Yeah, we are  not crazy out-of-it!  You can actually download Dumb Gold for free at  You can watch the video for Dumb Gold here:

You can also watch the video for “Smoke Your Homework” at 

So, dear music fans… you have no choice.  Free your schedule on the 9th.  Come to the show.  Enjoy.  Surely this beats whatever you had planned!

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