One Reason

Motel Beds - Tango Boys Cover 
The energetic 'Beds captured on the Tango Boys cover

  One reason that Dayton has a thriving music scene is illustrated in the fact that in one weekend we have the vinyl release of Tango Boys by The Motel Beds at The Canal Street Tavern this past Friday.  The ‘Beds played a blistering set with the Buffalo Killers and Chocolate Horse.  And in the same night you have Vanity Theft, Okay Lindon, and Good Sir Con Artist playing Blind Bob’s.  If that was not enough, you then have Bonneville releasing their new CD, Amy’s House with a show again at Canal Street on Saturday.  What we have here is an embarrassment of musical riches. Dayton has a vibrant music scene indeed! And we have not even begun to talk about The Rebel Set, Guided By Voices and Me & Mountains who are both working on new music for your listening pleasure in 2012!

Bonneville Amy's House
Bonneville Amy's House cover... where the record was recorded! Sort of.
Okay Lindon Rotating Dates cover
Okay Lindon Rotating Dates cover art
Get What You Came For cover
Vanity Theft - You Can... you know - Get What You Came For

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